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Commercial Debt Collection Services

Contingent Collections

At Morgan Philips we pride ourselves on working smarter to get you paid fast. Based on our high confidence in our team and methods, our clients will never pay for our collections services unless we are successful in getting your accounts collected.

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7 Day commercial debt recovery

All we need is 7 days to work on your account. This will give us the ability to conduct an asset and liability search and fully determine the collectability of your account. This is part of our PRE-LITIGATION PROGRAM.

Pre-litigation intervention

Before having your attorney start a long and costly lawsuit, Morgan Philips will save you the time, effort, attorneys fees and court costs. In one weeks time, Morgan Philips will provide all the information on your debtors financial situation that you need to know before you get a judgment.

Asset and Liabilty investigations

A collector is only as good as the tools he has to collect. At Morgan Philips one of our first steps in collecting your debt is to determine the finacial stability of your debtor. This will empower our collectors to apply the pressure needed to get you paid faster.

Diplomatic Arbitration

At Morgan Philips relationships with our clients are the cornerstone on which we build our success. We understand that sometimes your "good clients" can get behind. This is when we can strengthen that client relationship and get you paid without your client being "placed for collections."

Collection Services We Are Changing the WorldOf Collections

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The collections world is an ever evolving field, which once was based on letter writing and phone calls only. At Morgan Philips, we pride ourselves on investing in new technology, techniques, and educating our employees on these evolving techniques. While it is not our goal to reinvent the wheel, it is essential to our success to make it more efficient.

Collection Programs